Why Beachcomber?

The name Beachcomber Communications was a Sunday afternoon brainstorm between myself and publicist extraordinaire Kim Plumley. From childhood, I loved to wander the beach and look for treasures … a sand dollar, a shell, a pretty rock … every new treasure was another delight. (This may have been a precursor to my adult affinity for shopping.) As an adult, I continue to wander the beach at every opportunity. My husband is always amused that my shoes are off the moment we hit the sand and together we are enjoying our three-year old son’s affection for this pastime.

Beyond my personal history, Beachcomber is also inspired by the work that I do with authors, theatre companies, festivals and other arts organizations. Cicero said “Art comes from the observation and appreciation of nature. ” With each tide the palette of the seashore changes … some things are taken away, some new things arrive and some are constant. Isn’t this also true of art in our community? Public art installations are constant. Theatre shows come and go. Concerts last for an evening in person and a lifetime in memory.

I believe culture in all its forms is crucial to building communities whether in person or on-line. Shared cultural experiences create dialogue and spark relationships. The arts help us understand where we’ve come from, who we are and what the future might hold. This community conversation is part of the glue that holds a community together. I look forward to Beachcomber Communications being a conduit in that dialogue.