White Christmas at The Stanley

On the whim of a dear friend, I attended The Arts Club’s live theatrical interpretation of White Christmas last night and wasn’t too sure what to expect. Would the theatre stay true to the movie that plays in my head? Or did I want it to be a completely different experience? I wasn’t sure.

The storyline varies slightly from the film but the music is familar, comfortable and comforting. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I’ll be talking about three things over the next few weeks:

1) The amazing tap dancing of the company. Energetic. Polished. Perfect.

2) The reprise of the song Sisters. Jeffrey Victor as Bob Wallace and Todd Talbot as Phil Davis have outdone their more famous counterparts Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.

3) Finally, Susan Anderson’s rendition of Let Me Sing and I’m Happy in the role of Martha Watson was a delight.

So, We’ll Follow The Old Man and Let it Snow under Blue Skies while you Let Yourself Go during the Happy Holiday of a White Christmas.

p.s. 28 shows sold out as of this morning so buy tickets now if you want to attend at The Stanley.