Social Media Support

If desired, Beachcomber Communications can facilitate, monitor and maintain social media presence in consultation with the client.  Consultation with the client is key in order to maintain the authenticity of the individual’s or company’s social interaction online. This service is intended to overcome the technical hurdle some people find to be a barrier to joining social media conversations.  Informally, we call this our Social Media Mom service.

For example,  support might include:

  1. Maintaining an editorial calendar for the blog
  2. Scheduling pre-approved  microblogs on Twitter and other services.
  3. Research for relevant referenced content.
  4. Promotion of public appearances and events.
  5. Facilitating relationships with fans/friends/tweeps.
  6. Assistance with creating audio or video recordings for podcasting.

Social media support is available for any desired period of time – a month, a year or just a few weeks to cover a vacation or injury that makes social media participation difficult.