What’s Your Vanity URL?

You can customize the link people use to get to your Facebook page or profile. It’s called a vanity URL which is a custom link that takes people directly to you on Facebook. This makes it much easier to communicate your Facebook presence in other materials both online and offline.

When you first set up your Facebook presence, you’ll get an URL that looks something like this:


Just in case it’s hard to read, here’s the long link to reach Booth Bullies on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Booth-Bullies-Entertainment/127454587324489

You can share that but it’s a long, messy URL that can be easily messed up when people copy and paste it. It’s also pretty much impossible to typeset and no one will remember if you promote it on a business card, banners, flyers or other print materials.

By setting the vanity URL, you’ll get something like:

My vanity URL reads, http://www.facebook.com/BeachcomberCommunications.

In fact, Facebook recently bought fb.com so I could put www.fb.com/BeachcomberCommunications on my materials to make it even shorter. Either way, its much easier to typeset and much easier to remember the custom version.

To set your vanity URL, check to see if you have 25 fans (the minimum required to get a vanity URL) and then go to www.facebook.com/Username. Be cautious as you can set the username for both your Profile and any Pages you administer from this page.


As you can see, my profile vanity URL was set as www.facebook.com/CrockerAngela. Once an URL is set, it can’t be changed so pick it wisely. All the pages you administer will appear in the drop down menu and you can select the page you want to name. If you only have one page, that’s all that will appear in the menu.

Before setting the URL, Facebook will check to make sure it’s available. If it’s not, you’ll need to try another option – that’s how I ended up with “CrockerAngela”. Facebook will ask you to confirm and reconfirm before setting your vanity URL forever. Please check your spelling and spacing carefully!

While the vanity URL is set forever, you can change the name of your page while you have less than 100 “likes”. That’s how I changed the name of my page from “Beachcomber Communications” to “Beachcomber Communications with Angela Crocker”.  You can do this from the Basic Information tab when you “edit page”.

  • Anonymous

    Great explanation on how to set your vanity url.  Just curious, you said you bought http://www.fb.com/BeachcomberCommunications? I know that Facebook owns fb.com, so just wonder how you did that?

    • http://www.beachcombercommunications.com Angela Crocker

      Hi Dave,
      Thanks for dropping by. I think I said that “Facebook bought fb.com” not me. My pockets aren’t that deep! So now all page admins, can use the shorter version, if they like.


      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=890140281 Yomar Lopez

        It makes sense that they bought the shorter domain.  That means the long-tail-keyworded URLs are more SEO friendly now..  That works!

        Those folks at Facebook know what they are doing.  I plan to buy more domains as I go along to have more redirect and shortening options that I can control myself.  This is important as branding becomes more crucial.

        Currently, I maintain several sites..  So the juggling act is crazy.  Having the convenient name spaces sure helps connect people, though!

  • Anonymous

    I thought you could set u a vanity URL after 25 “likes” (they relaxed it) – but perhaps its different for changing it twice.

    Your URL seems very long – and the purpose of a vanity URL needs to be part branding and part shortening.

    Here’s a couple of the fly suggestions:

    (ftr I know you probably tried 100s to get the right one)

    — BeachcomberCommunications (original)]
    — BeachcomberComms
    — Beachcombers
    — CombMyBeachetc…Actually, just noticed your URL – so ’tis may be all moot. Interesting that they block change after number of fans = 100 (makes sense tho #301 hell).Just some thoughts…..

    • http://www.beachcombercommunications.com Angela Crocker

      Hi Oli,

      I see where the confusion came in. To set your vanity URL requires 25 fans while the name of your page (not the URL) can be changed as long as you have less than 100 fans.

      And, yes, I agree my FB vanity URL is longer than I would recommend for most brands. At the time, I couldn’t get “Beachcomber” and decided to be true to my other branding (.com, etc.) by sticking with the full name. You had some great suggestions, unfortunately Vanity URLS can’t be changed once they are set. So, I’m stuck with what I’ve got and that’s ok by me.

      Glad to see you here!


      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=890140281 Yomar Lopez

        This is a very interesting argument here because there are  technical aspects conflicting with the softer aspects.  From an SEO perspective, having keyword-rich URLs is great..  but usually the first characters are given more weight than the latter.  Thing is, you have a unique brand and that’s powerful when you have great content to back it up (which you certainly do).  In this case, minimizing confusion with look-alike brands is more important than making your URL shorter or more SEM-friendly.

        Besides, it really is a moot point because you can always employ domain masking or 301 redirects, as appropriate.  Let’s not forget there are tons of options for landing pages (I hear Unbounce is great *wink*) and URL shorteners.  Really, you have to look at all your points of presence and make sure you are aware as a gatekeeper on every front.

        Admittedly, I thought your URL was rather long when I first came across it..  but it’s easy to remember and really works.  From your brand and naming conventions, I get a distinct feeling that you are a casual, easy-going person..  Someone I NEED to talk to and get to know.  Your content reflects that too, which makes the experience here authentic and compelling.

        Honestly, I would be commenting more often but sometimes I just follow the breadcrumbs from great content to great content and don’t stop to share my thoughts.  You’re doing all the right things here and, really, there’s always a trade-off so no worries..  Keep up the great work, Angela!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=890140281 Yomar Lopez

    For my vanity URLs and unique names on public resources like Facebook, I tend to go with Yogizilla because it’s a personal brand that many in my network have become familiar with since as early as 1998.  That brand, along with my Y3B blog, is a sort of gateway to all my other stuff.  It’s been a very great model but there’s always more to tweak, certainly!

    Now, not everyone is able to get a URL that is both short and unique..  But that should not discourage you!  The main thing is to be consistent across as many fronts as possible so you can truly take ownership over your branding.

    Know what I mean, jelly bean? =o)

  • Tracey Lohnes

    Thanks for the “heads up”!!  I did not know to choose my URL so wisely, as it cannot be reset.