Cherishing the Old, Bringing in the New

Today was my first day as Executive Director of Coastal Sound Music. Good timing, great networking and a little bit of luck secured this contract and it provides me with the opportunity to once again work deeply with an arts organization. If you love choral music, I hope you’ll connect with us on Facebook and YouTube.

I am fortunate that my new appointment gives me the flexibility to continue my research, writing, teaching and consulting in social media. I’m still keenly interested in the changing ways we build online communities and I look forward to sharing that knowledge with my students at Douglas College, Simon Fraser University and Ridge Meadows College. I’ll also continue to work with a handful of private clients one-on-one and I look forward to celebrating their success.

There will be some changes around Beachcomber Communications. My plan is to simplify and consolidate my own efforts. I’ll keep you posted if I decided to do anything radical!

For me, the crux of social media has always been the people and the community they create. My new position at Coastal Sound Music is an amazing opportunity for me to contribute to something I believe in and enjoy. Singing in a group creates an instant community. I’ve been part of the organization as a singer, a volunteer and contractor for many years and I’m excited to start my leadership role today.

If you have a few minutes to spare, I invite you to watch the Coastal Sound Music Adult Choir singing A Blessing. This traditional song has a lovely message to start the New Year. (And , yes, that’s me in the back row on the right far right.)

  • Peggy Koopman

    Angela, thanks for sharing this and the CSMA blog, I wish you all the best in your new position. Regards Peggy Koopman

    • Angela Crocker

      Thank you, Peggy! One of the joys of my new position is getting to work more closely with fellow minded singers like you. I look forward to it!

  • Mattias Gronborg

    Thanks for bringing in the new! :) Your new adventure with CSM sounds interesting keep me posted about your progresses. I wish you an awesome 2012. 

    • Angela Crocker

      Thanks, Mattias. It’s an exciting adventure indeed! I wish you all the best for 2012, too! I’ll be watching your blog for updates.

  • Leona Morrison

    Hi Angela I love music, and found this article very interesting.

  • Gailleta

    I believe that being part of a choral group is a wonderful way to connect with youir community.  I too, agree that music creates an instant community!

  • Gail le Tallec STUDENT

    You are truly amazing, being a mom, as well as a teacher, advisor, consultant, and seemingly dozens of other roles! I wish I had half your energy, Angela!

  • Sherri Stanton Student

    I don’t know where you find the time Angela!  Being a mom, teaching, and being in a choral group.  Amazing!

  • Gemma Bonner

    There is nothing like the sound of choral music!

  • Rosalie

    The song touches my soul. It’s been so long that I haven’t listen to a good song like this. Congatulations!! You inspire me